We are proud to announce that the dosimetry software QDOSE® designed by us and our development partner Quantinm AB will now become part of a commercial partnership with Telix.

Telix intends to integrate the platform into its therapeutic radiopharmaceutical programmes and clinical collaborations to enable the development of personalised treatment regimens.

We have been designing innovative solutions helping to establish Molecular Radiotherapy as a widely used oncological treatment modality since 2002. The development of QDOSE® is based on this experience in clinical MRT studies and collaborations with nuclear medicine institutions worldwide.

QDOSE® is a validated, versatile and stand-alone dosimetry software suite
for clinical practice as well as research in molecular radiotherapy. It integrates all dosimetry steps from image data import and processing to analysis and reporting.

Personalised therapy based on individual patient dosimetry has the potential to improve treatment response while reducing the impact on normal, healthy organs.

Read Telix’s official statement here!

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